Telehealth 360 for Patients

Teleheath 360 Disease Management program allows patients with illnesses such as Diabetes, Congestive heart failure, hypertension, Asthma and Chronic pulmonary disease to manage their own health and well being on daily bases utilizing an easy and simple to use technology that does not require any training or significant investment. Teleheath 360 allows patients to communicate directly to their electronic medical record, exchanging data and information utilizing a home telephone or a cell phone and off-the-self vital singes equipment ( bathroom scale, glucose meter, blood pressure machines etc..) regularly used by patients in the home to prevent adverse events that might result in hospitalization or an ER visit. Patient are scheduled to receive phone calls from one to several times a day reminding them to take their medication or vital signs such weight, glucose level or blood pressure along with a a choice of simple assessment or a more comprehensive clinical assessment depending on the need of the client. This type of assessments are as useful and informative as those done by a physician or nurse in a clinic or a home health visit. If a patient condition requires attention, patient will be connected immediately with a clinician to discuss the emerging health status and what to do next. Patients have the option to receive and can give their immediate caregivers the option of receiving instant alerts and advices regarding any change to their health status. They also have the option to choose that abnormal values and events be communicated with their physicians and decision are made regarding their heath all without leaving their homes. Medication refill are also available directly through the system without leaving a chance for running out of medication.

What Can we offer through Telehealth 360 Disease management Program

  • Medication reminders and pharmacy connection for refilling
  • Remote blood pressure monitoring
  • Remote weight change fluid retention monitoring
  • Remote blood sugar monitoring
  • Remote blood thinner testing (for Coumadin takers)
  • Remote Oxygen Saturation level monitoring
  • Comprehensive clinical assessment for diabetic patients
  • Comprehensive clinical assessment for heart failure patient
  • Comprehensive clinical assessment for Asthma and pulmonary disease patients.

Short daily Clinical Assessments

little information and digital values taken by the patient at the home are obtained by the system. information are received instantly and communicated to all health care providers involved in the care. Patient will be able to communicate with a live person to ensure appropriate action is taken if the situation requires. This can be done on daily bases for 1 to 2 minutes per day keeping patient save and stable.

Frequent comprehensive Clinical Assessments

A patient can be scheduled to receive an interactive comprehensive clinical assessment similar to those received by a nurse or a doctor in a clinic or a home health visit. These assessments follow a specific and in-depth questionnaire that asks questions designed for a patient's particular problem similar to those questions asked by a doctor or a nurse. For example, if a person is diabetic, some of the questions could include, The assessment also allows a patient to record a voice message about a specific problem they are having. The recorded message is automatically attached in a file that is transferred and alerted to a clinician at the agency.

Medication reminders

Telehealth 360 provides automated reminder calls that are specifically geared to each patient's medication schedule. A call is made to the patient at each scheduled medication intake time, whether it is four times a day or just once a day. If a patient is not answering, the call can be repeated at different times or can be forwarded to other caregivers including remote family members and the nurse on call to alert them. This is a great tool for patients who are forgetful or those have several times a day of medication intakes. The medication reminder also ensures that the patient has enough medication for the next five days. It will connect patients directly within the same call to their prospective pharmacies for refill of their medications. Patients don't even have to know their pharmacy number or even name as it is directly connected from their electronic medical record. All they need to know is the prescription number from their pharmacy.

System Set-up

There is no special set up of hardware or software needed at the patient home. All patient information is directly driven from the electronic medical record of the patient. A history of all activities is available to the agency staff, physicians and patients on-demand secured and esy.


Telehealth 360™ also provides instructions about Diet, exercises, and medication intake and can positively affect patients health.

Non medicare / non homebound patients

Telehealth 360 is available for both non homebound Medicare patient and private pay. The cost for private pay starts for as little as $19 per month and depending on the package selected for service. select (help me choose for individual clients ) to see the appropriate package to use for your health care needs.